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Adelaide Hills Vet 1

Dr Tanya Dodi BSc BVMS

Principal Veterinarian 

Originally from Israel, Tanya graduated from Murdoch University in 2011 and began working at Windarra Park Veterinary Clinic shortly after. In June 2016, with Dr Andrew Loose's retirement, Tanya bought the practice and continues to offer professional and compassionate care to all horses and farm animals. 

Tanya is owned by two cats and a horse, and when not working can be found riding, dancing or playing around with circus arts. 

New staff -

Update coming soon



Companion and babysitter, likes volunteering his expertise as mare teaser


Terwilliker (Twerk)

Joined our team in 2022,
the sweetest tease mare

Adelaide Hills Pony Vet

Harry Houdini

Experienced babysitter, you never have to worry about leaving an anxious horse in hospital!

Adelaide Hills Alpaca Vet

Ruby and Tilly

Our resident alpacas

 ~ In Memoriam ~

Adelaide Hills Horse Vet


Our faithful teaser mare and companion 

Sadly passed away March 2022

Forever in our hearts

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